ILAS Mexico – Proud Subsidiary of Reny Picot

We are a leading company in the production, importation and exportation of dairy products.

Our strategic location in the menonite region of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico, allows us to absorb raw materials of the highest quality.

We have state of the art technology and a team of about 300 employees committed to the delivery of the widest range of dairy products.

Aside from supplying domestic demand, we export to Canada, The United States, Latin America and Asia. Experience has proven us that diversifying by taking what we do best to different countries is what has allowed us to become the company we are today.

Each process is executed with continuous improvement in mind; each commitment is aimed at growth and excellence.

Our Annual Production Capacity

15,000 Metric Tons of Whey Powder
40,000 Metric Tons of Dry Milk
18,000 Metric Tons of Milk Fat

Our Daily Raw Material Supply

1,000,000 Lts of Fluid Milk
900,000 Lts of Sweet Whey
200,000 Lts of Cream

Our Products

We offer high quality products according to our clients’ most demanding needs.

Our Products
Modified Milk with Vegetable Fat

Dry skim milk modified with vegetable fat.

Edible Preparations

We produce edible preparations according to customer specifications for a variety of applications.

Dry Milk

Whole, skim or semi-skim milk in different presentations.

Anhydrous Milk Fat

Concentrated fat obtained from the cow’s fresh milk.

Sweet Whey

Sweet whey powder extracted from cheese production.

Demineralized Whey

We are the only company dedicated to the development of this product throughout the country.