Our mission is to deliver high quality dairy products using state of the art technology and a highly competitive team.


Our vision is to become international leaders in the delivery of dairy products for the industry, satisfying domestic demand and contributing to the development of our region.

International Certifications

  • FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • FDA Approval

Our Values


Quality is our conviction and the reason that makes us want to take our brand Reny Picot to as many countries as we possibly can.


We believe in the efficient use of raw materials through state of the art technologies that deliver high quality products.

Continuous Improvement

We renew ourselves every day seeking to become more effective, efficient and adaptable.




Our headquarters, located in Asturias, Spain, were founded in 1960 by Don Francisco Rodriguez, now CEO of the company. In the beginning, it only had 7 workers preparing Camembert cheese.



ILAS Mexico, founded in 1980, is the first branch of Reny Picot abroad. Our beginnings in Mexico are related to the decision to seize the whey obtained from the cheesemaking process in the Mennonite region with the aim of producing demineralized whey powder.




Nowadays, Reny Picot has subsidiaries in Mexico, Portugal, Poland, France, USA and China.


Multiple Products for Various Applications

Our products are used in a wide range of applications such as bread, chocolate, cheese and infant formula production.
Powder production ensures preservation, stability conditions and quality of the final product.

Our Products
Modified Milk with Vegetable Fat

Dry skim milk modified with vegetable fat.

Edible Preparations

We produce edible preparations according to customer specifications for a variety of applications.

Dry Milk

Whole, skim or semi-skim milk in different presentations.

Anhydrous Milk Fat

Concentrated fat obtained from the cow’s fresh milk.

Sweet Whey

Sweet whey powder extracted from cheese production.

Demineralized Whey

We are the only company dedicated to the development of this product throughout the country.